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BitShop Script (3 year license key)

This product is the script which powers this website. Using this script you can easily set up an online shop which will enable you to sell digital files and codes using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You will receive the full source code (unencrypted).

When you purchase this item you will receive a key which gives you access to 3 years of updates and support. After the key expires you may continue to use the script within the bounds of the license but you wont have access to new versions of the scripts.

The included license allows the following:

  • Can be used on 1 site, 1 server
  • Source-code cannot be resold or distributed
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Can modify source-code but cannot distribute modifications (derivative works)


  • PHP 5 or greater
  • MySQL 5 or greater
  • Cron Jobs

2.43 mBTC
or $69.99 USD

Key Life: 1095 days

Instant Access!
Rating: 3.13/5
number of votes: 127


Great Script! Super useful for what I have in mind :)

2013-05-07 03:55:18 UTC

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