BitShop v1.1.7
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The official BitShop website!

BitShop is a powerful PHP/MYSQL shop script which allows merchants to easily sell digital items such as software or codes, in return for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. BitShop is the #1 shop script for selling digital goods.

Fast, Simple and Easy

The checkout process is designed to be as simple and fast as possible. The buyer will go through an easy checkout process and they will receive the item instantly after the payment is confirmed. Multiple payment gateways, including Coinbase and GoCoin, can be enabled simultaneously.

Flexible and Modular

BitShop is designed with developers in mind. Unlike many other scripts, BitShop is extremely modular and offers developer flexibility. For example new payment gateways can easily be installed as self-contained modules and new themes can also be installed without overwriting other themes.

Dynamic and Responsive

BitShop makes use of the latest in web technology to provide a dynamic and responsive user experience. Built upon Bootstrap 2 and HTML5 Boilerplate, the BitShop script is fast and looks good on any platform. Witness the power of HTML5 and PHP (and a bit of JS and CSS of course).

Bootstrap Template

The default template used by BitShop is built around the Bootstrap 2 framework. If you visit WrapBootstrap or Bootswatch you can get custom made Bootstrap themes. This provides a great way to change the default theme but it's also easy to remove Bootstrap and build a theme from scratch.

Powerful Admin Area

BitShop includes an administration area where it's possible to manage your orders, products, vouchers, accounts, etc. BitShop supports a wide range of different methods for selling digital items such as files, keys, and gift codes. It now also includes basic support for selling physical items.

Regain Independence

BitShop uses multiple public block explorer API's to handle payments. Addresses can be automatically generated on the fly or taken from a custom list. You can also run a bitcoin/altcoin daemon to directly process payments without a 3rd party. The built-in payment gateway is even modifiable.