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shopping cart software

BitShop Script

This product is the script which powers this website. Using this script you can easily set up an online shop which will enable you to sell digital files and codes using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

BitShop is now an open source project! You can download the latest version for free on GitHub


  • PHP 5 or greater
  • MySQL 5 or greater

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Rating: 3.19/5
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is it supporting php 7.4?

admin response: yes it should work with PHP 7.4

2021-11-30 03:13:45 UTC


Looks very fine!
Shopping and Direct-Download works perfect!

2017-12-10 07:28:57 UTC


Downloaded and looks good. Will test and update review.

2017-08-26 15:26:59 UTC


Works perfect and support is awesome!

2017-04-28 20:04:08 UTC


Well, I like this :)

2015-08-08 19:06:56 UTC


I would like very much if you include the possibility to send outgoing mails by SMTP! Really nice shop script, thank you.

2015-06-19 10:37:41 UTC


It's good.
Wish it could send payment, like a wallet.

Would be great if it could be installed to use with other altcoins, which are basically the same.
(admin note: altcoins are now supported via a few different methods)

We could even use an independent block explorer...
(admin note: BitShop now supports several different block explorer API's)

2014-06-09 01:33:16 UTC


keep it up

2014-04-25 04:22:53 UTC


Great script! very useful ,and well organized!

2014-04-24 08:39:05 UTC


Well worth the money! It's honestly scripted so clean and nice. Even a rookie like me can parse through it and customize it! VERY Happy with this.

2013-10-15 06:09:08 UTC


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