The Jolly Bones NFT

Jolly Bones is a collection of pixel art styled skulls with a huge number of possible variations. A new random skull can be minted for a small fee on the utilities pages or they can be traded on the OpenSea Marketplace.

There is a limit of 100 generations with 666 skulls in each generation, resulting in a maximum of 66600 skulls. The probability of getting rare variations will drop as the generation increases.

How it Works

The Jolly Bones token (JBN) is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that exists on the Polygon/Matic network. The Chainlink VRF system is used to provide verifiable randomness to the creation of new skulls.

The random data is used to create the Token ID (except in the first 420 skulls which were minted by us). The Token ID is combined with a secret string and then hashed to get a "DNA" value which determines the appearance of a skull.

Getting Started

In order to trade or mint Jolly Bones you need to have the MetaMask browser plugin installed. To use the functionality on this website ensure that MetaMask is connected to the Polygon/Matic network. For more information see the help page.