Where payment goes and how to use keys

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Where payment goes and how to use keys

Post by codeless » Sat May 20, 2017 11:59 pm

Hello i am new to Bitshop .
when i was installing i generated some keys and saved them to my desktop.
shop setup was successful i configure everything properly. i have 2 questions

1- What is usage of those keys (Public & Private)
2- Where payment goes (i tried 1$ payment but i don't know how it will come in my bitcoins )

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Re: Where payment goes and how to use keys

Post by bitfreak » Thu May 25, 2017 10:37 am

Did you read the FAQ post, it has many of the answers to your questions. The RSA keys are used to encrypt/decrypt the bitcoin keys unless you're using the custom address list for your wallet because then your bitcoin private keys don't need to be stored on your server and there's no need for RSA encryption. I know it can be confusing to understand at first, I am thinking about changing the way the auto generated addresses work so they are created deterministically without needing to store the private keys on the server using the magic of elliptic curve math. Don't worry if you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm just mentioning this for those who may be interested in my plans.

Back to what I was saying, there are two wallet options: auto generated addresses and a custom list of addresses. You can change which type of wallet BitShop will use in the settings. You can view the addresses in your wallet by going to the Wallet page in the admin area and if you're using an auto gen wallet you'll have the ability to decrypt your bitcoin keys using your RSA private key. This decryption happens in your browser using javascript so that your bitcoin private keys or RSA private key should never be transmitted over the internet. The bitcoin private keys stored on your server are encrypted using RSA so that not even someone with access to your server could decrypt them.

Once you've got your bitcoin private keys you can then import them into a wallet of your choice, I believe wallets such as Electrum will allow you to import all the keys at once using the basic list export format in BitShop. The CSV export format was originally created for the blockchain.info wallet but it seems they've removed the bulk import feature and now require one private key to be imported at a time. If you're using a custom address list instead of the auto gen wallet then your private keys will already be in your wallet or what ever you used to create the addresses. That'll make things easier but you've got to remember to add new addresses before they get used up since each address can only be used for one order.

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Re: Where payment goes and how to use keys

Post by fahimmagsi » Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:28 pm

i got bitshop script configured success and want to receive payment without coinbase.. at setting > Sci > i false the Coinbase Api and Secret , but Some one Pay me Through Bitcoin using That Gateway Payment they Have confirmed but I Cant Receive Fund From Customer that paid :) any Solution

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