Workers furious over pay warning, union says

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Workers furious over pay warning, union says

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Workers furious over pay warning, union says


A union which represents workers in the television and film industry has said there is "fury" about a pay warning from NI Screen.

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Northern Ireland's film and TV industry body said some local crew are asking for rising pay at rates far above inflation.

In a letter to workers, NI Screen said that some wanted paid beyond "even the direst inflationary predictions".

Broadcast union Bectu said there was "no evidence" for the claim.

NI Screen had also said that Northern Ireland could lose productions as a result of requests for rising pay.

Angela Moffatt, negotiations officer for the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union (Bectu) told BBC News NI that the response to the NI Screen letter had been "overwhelming".

"People who are members of Bectu and people who are not members of Bectu are getting in touch about it," she said.

"The reaction has been one of fury, they find it very offensive.

"It flies in the face of the experience of most people in the industry."

Ms Moffatt said Bectu had "nothing to do" with the NI Screen letter.

"We have this bizarre situation where people go to the rest of the UK and then come back to do the same job in Northern Ireland and get less," she said.

"NI Screen's response is to say that cheap labour is the solution.

"Cheap labour is not how you sell and promote the Northern Ireland film and TV industry.

"We've seen no evidence whatsoever of the rises NI Screen describe.

"Promoting the idea of cheap labour in Northern Ireland compared to the rest of the UK is treating people as second class citizens."
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