API / Currency not work! (/cron/tick_update.php)

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API / Currency not work! (/cron/tick_update.php)

Post by BitFan »

Good day,

I bought the script.

The course is not displayed correctly for me, 9k for 1 BTC is false

I don't use CPANEL but Debian 10 and have LAMP installed there.

When calling


I get the following error message:

Requesting data from https://api.bitcoincharts.com/v1/weighted_prices.json ...

FAILURE! API is not responding!

I also tried the following command

<p>FAILURE! API is not responding!</p>root@vps-zap758073-1:/var/www/html/cron# php -q /var/www/html/cron/tick_update.php
PHP Notice: Undefined index: SERVER_ADDR in /var/www/html/inc/config.inc.php on line 102
PHP Notice: Undefined index: SERVER_PORT in /var/www/html/inc/config.inc.php on line 103
PHP Notice: Undefined index: SERVER_PORT in /var/www/html/inc/config.inc.php on line 103
<p>Requesting data from https://api.bitcoincharts.com/v1/weighted_prices.json ...</p>
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Re: API / Currency not work! (/cron/tick_update.php)

Post by bitfreak »

None of the weighted/average exchange rate options will work due to an issue with one of the API's used to get the exchange rates. In the admin area, go to settings, then SCI Settings, and make sure "latest price" is selected from the "Exchange rate" drop-down menu. I'll fix the issue in the next release of BitShop.
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Re: API / Currency not work! (/cron/tick_update.php)

Post by Abavo »

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue related to the business information API:
1. First, make sure that the URL https://api.bitcoincharts.com/v1/weighted_prices.json, which is crucial for retrieving business information, is accessible from your server. You can do this by opening the URL in a web browser or using tools like curl or wget on your Debian server.
2. The PHP notices related to undefined indexes in config.inc.php indicate that there might be an issue with your server configuration affecting the business information API integration. You should check the configuration file to ensure that the necessary variables like SERVER_ADDR and SERVER_PORT are correctly defined. If these variables are expected to be defined in your environment, ensure that your server is properly configured to set these variables.
3. Ensure that your server allows outgoing connections to external websites, including the business information API. Some hosting environments and server configurations might block outgoing connections by default. You might need to configure your server's firewall or network settings to allow outgoing connections to the BitcoinCharts API and other relevant business data sources.
4. Check if the script you purchased for your business information API integration is compatible with the PHP version installed on your Debian 10 server. If the script was designed for a different version of PHP, it may not work correctly with your current setup. You might need to update the script or your PHP installation to ensure compatibility with the business information API.
5. Review the code in the tick_update.php script, specifically looking for any error-handling logic related to the business information API. If such logic exists, it might provide more detailed error messages that can help you pinpoint the issue and troubleshoot effectively.
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