Keto Diet or Ketogenic Diet What is Ketogenic Diet?

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Keto Diet or Ketogenic Diet What is Ketogenic Diet?

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The Ketogenic Diet is a high-fat diet. followed by proteinสมัครslotxoBy reducing carbohydrates to a very small amount. in order for the body to use the accumulated fat to be burned as energy The proportion of food is 70% healthy fats, 25% all proteins, and 5% carbohydrates of your daily calorie intake.

Losing weight by the Keto Diet or another diet such as the Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet is not a solution for everyone. People with health problems should always consult their personal doctor first. Because each method, the body takes time to adjust. If you do it yourself without a guide, you may experience flashes, blackouts, and blackouts as it is currently in the news on social media.

Little or no exercise is appropriate for oneself. There is a lot of cumulative stress and not enough sleep. resulting in unsuccessful weight loss

The trend of sharing Keto Diet (Keto Diet) or Ketogenic Diet (Ketogenic Diet) in the social world, including Line in the age group of 50+ causes many people to follow. Mindfulness is because the Keto Diet is not for everyone.

At present, there are many ways to lose weight, but there are 3 that are popular in Thailand and abroad. Each type has different origins, principles, advantages and disadvantages that can be easily understood. and can be used in practice
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