190 nations announce their intention to stop using coal at COP26 meeting

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190 nations announce their intention to stop using coal at COP26 meeting

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190 nations announce their intention to stop using coal at COP26 meeting
BBC World News Reported on November 4, citing aเล่น สล็อต ออนไลน์ ทาง มือ ถือstatement by the British government, 190 countries around the world jointly declare their intention to stop using coal as energy to generate electricity during the 26th United Nations Summit on Climate Change, or Kop26, in Glasgow on the same day.

There are nations that are major coal users. many countries of the world Participated in the declaration of intent included Poland, Vietnam and Chile. The world's most reliant on coal for power generation, such as Australia, India, China and the United States, declined to join the pledge.

However, if there is a signing to certify this agreement This is a guarantee of the obligation to cease any new investments. in the construction of coal-fired power plants both within their own country and abroad. It also agreed to phase out coal use from the 2030s, while poorer countries must cut their coal use by the 2040s.

Britain, the host of the Kop 26 meeting, has made the elimination of coal a key issue. After the British themselves were clearly successful in this regard. also revealed that More than 40 countries have signed the declaration so far, with Poland, Vietnam and Chile among the key coal consumers agreeing to step up their coal use. including not constructing a new coal-fired power plant for the first time

British Energy and Commerce Minister Kwazi Quarteng said: The declaration shows that the end of coal is not far away. When the world moves in the right direction Ready to shape the fate of coal in exchange for its economic and environmental benefits by building a future based on clean energy.

However, British shadow commerce minister Ed Milliband Instead, he saw that this agreement had no practical effect. from the fact that the world's largest coal-consuming country China and India and other major greenhouse gas emitter nations that are not included in this Agreement

Despite progress in reducing coal use, it is evident that as many as 37 percent of coal will still be used to generate electricity in 2019, and countries like South Africa, Poland, and India still need to invest money. enormous if they want to make their energy production sector cleaner

Juan Pablo Osornio, head of the Greenpeace campaign group, said overall. This declaration of intent It is still far below the desired target within this decade of reducing fossil fuel use.
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