The United States maintains its status as "Thai" on the national watch list. “Currency manipulation”

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The United States maintains its status as "Thai" on the national watch list. “Currency manipulation”

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Thailand is still under the United States. Adding an account to keep anSLOTXOeye on currency manipulation No nation was added to the watch list.

On December 4, 2021, the AP news agency reported that The U.S. Treasury has released its semi-annual report on its list of currency manipulation countries for the January-June 2021 period, saying no country has been hit by the U.S. government. add more accounts Countries to be watched for intentional manipulation of currency for commercial gain or maintain the financial balance in the past

However, the US government said it was still monitoring Vietnam and Taiwan's financial behavior. That was found to have violated three rules of the United States suspiciously. trade surplus, current account surplus and central bank currency intervention but both nations It has not yet been identified as a currency manipulation. The United States continues to monitor and work with the two countries in solving the problem.

Thailand remains among the countries under close monitoring for distortions, along with 11 other nations: China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Mexico. intentionally manipulate that money has been classified as a group of countries to watch instead

“The Ministry of Finance is actively acting to promote a strong global economic recovery. and more balanced after the pandemic This will benefit both Americans and the world. through close engagement with major economies on currency-related issues,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement.
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