The Local Bay

The Local Bay is a desktop application designed to search magnet dump files from KickassTorrents, Bitsnoop, and ThePirateBay. The Kickass and Bitsnoop API's are now offline but you can locate the last dump files before they went offline here. The Local Bay uses these dump files to perform offline torrent searches, so even if all of the popular torrent websites completely disappear, The Local Bay will still let you search through the torrents they had in their database.

The main downside is you wont find brand new torrents, but there are several reasons one might want to use The Local Bay. If their ISP has blocked torrent websites it may be a useful alternative to find older torrents because it's an offline search. This might also make it appealing for those who wish to leave no online record of what they have been searching for. Results are displayed as magnet links so clicking on them will open up your torrent client and begin downloading the file automatically, of course an internet connection is required to download the actual files.

Another reason The Local Bay could be useful for finding torrents is that it can perform a very robust search and return thousands of results where a web based torrent search engine might not find any results. One reason for this is because it can search for exact text strings even if they contain strange characters which would be otherwise ignored by a typical search engine. It may also find results which have since been removed from online databases for some reason.



XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


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